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Requirements Working Group

The purpose of the working group is to advance the state of the practices, education and theory of requirements engineering and its relationship to other systems engineering disciplines.


Expand and promote the body of knowledge of requirements engineering and its benefits within the Systems Engineering communitity.


Activities cover generically applicable current and future requirements engineering and verification and validation practices; discipline-specific considerations of related areas are avoided.

Skills and Expertise Desired

Representation from the following:

    • Requirements engineering practitioners and educators
    • Verification and validation practitioners and educators
    • Relevant standards body participants
    • A diversity of experience levels, disciplines, organizations, enterprises, and nations
Members, Roles and Responsibilities Desired

The Leadership team consists of chair and co-chairs.


    • Contribute the benefit of their experience in promoting the purposes of the group
    • Write, edit and review work products
    • Liaise with other working groups and organizations
    • Assist the leadership team with specific tasks such as leading activities
Outcomes (Products / Services)

    • Working Group Charter (maintain)
    • REGAL (Requirements Engineering Guide for All) (maintain)
    • Guide for Writing Requirements (maintain)
    • SE Handbook contribution in the area of requirements (maintain)
    • SE Certification Tutorial and Questions for the general and specialist exams in the area of requirements (maintain)
    • Requirements Engineering and Management Analysis Tool matrix (maintain)
    • Working group Connect website (maintain)
    • Working group public website (maintain)
    • Organize and architect requirements material
    • RWG promotional material
    • Service supporting standards activities relevant to requirements engineering
The Requirements Working Group will:

    • meet at International Workshop and International Symposium
    • meet virtually via telecom
    • maintain its work products
    • recruit champions to lead activities
    • carry out assignments outside of meetings
    • use INCOSE Connect discussion groups to achieve working group consensus
    • promote RWG membership collaboration with other INCOSE working groups, other professional societies, commercial and industry committees, government organizations, and academic institutions
    • communicate to RWG members and interested INCOSE members via
    o RWG Connect website
    o RWG Connect threaded discussions
    o RWG and INCOSE webinars

Chair: Mike Ryan, SEIT, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy
Co-Chair: Frank Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc., US
Co-Chair: Lou Wheatcraft, Requirements Experts, US
Co-Chair: Gordon Woods, CiGi Technology Ltd, UK

Contact Requirements Working Group for additional information or to join this group.


  • REGAL (database of reqs good practice) 2007
  • Guide for Concept of Ops (ANSI/AIAA G-043) 2006
  • Preliminary REGAL became on-line ( for interactive sessions to help users to determine best practices for requirements development and management. Presented at INCOSE International Symposium July 2005.
  • “Requirements Completeness”, March 2004 – Prepared by the RWG by Ron Carson (lead), Erik Aslaksen, George Caple, Paul Davies, Regina Griego, Ron Kohl, and Abd-El-Kader Sahraoui. Presented at INCOSE IS 2004 in Toulouse by Ron Carson.
  • “Requirements Categorization”, 2001 - Prepared by the RWG by Andrew Gavv (lead), George Caple, Paul Davies, Steve Eppig, David Haines, Anthony Hall, David Jones, Dave Lamont, Jim van Gassbeek, and Bill Vietinghoff.
  • “Executable Requirements Management Model Interim Report”, 1998. A RWG Information Report by David Jones. Published in CD-ROM Proceedings of the 8th Annual International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering - Volume II: INCOSE Technical Working Group Papers, 1998.
  • “Interfacing Requirements Management Tools In The Requirements Management Process - A First Look”, 1997, A RWG Information Report by David Jones, Pradip Kar, Jim van Gassbeek, Frank Hollenback, Marty Bell, and Dr. Robert Ellinger. Published in Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium of the INCOSE - Volume II, August 1997
  • "Characteristics of Good Requirements” 1996. Prepared by the RWG by Pradip Kar and Michelle Bailey. Presented at the 1996 INCOSE Symposium.
  • “Writing Good Requirements” 1994. Prepared by the RWG by Ivy Hooks. Published in the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium of the NCOSE - Volume 2, 1993.
  • “What is a Requirement?” 1993. Prepared by the RWG by Richard Harwell (lead), Erik Aslaksen, Roy Mengot, Ivy Hooks, and Ken Ptack. Published in the Proceedings of the Third International Symposium of the NCOSE, 1993.
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