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Anti-Terrorism International Working Group

The Charter of the Anti-Terrorism International Working Group (ATIWG) is to demonstrate the use of systems engineering principles, techniques, and practices to the reduction and eradication of this international terrorism. The systems engineering approach is most amenable to such evaluations because of its use of multi-disciplines to examine all facets of the problem space.

Co-Chair: William Mackey, Computer Sciences Corporation
Co-Chair: James Long, Vitech Corporation
Co-Chair: Joe Carl, Harris Corporation
Co-Chair: Steven Sutton, Northrup Grumman
Co-Chair: Jerry Nolte

Contact Anti-Terrorism International Working Group for additional information or to join this group.


  • Two papers were presented at the INCOSE 2003 Symposium in Arlington, VA. These papers may be found as part of the INCOSE 2003 Symposium Proceedings. These papers are:

    1. Mackey, William; Crisp, Harry; Cropley, David; Long, James; Mayian, Stephen; and Raza, Shabaz, “The Role of Systems Engineering in Combating Terrorism”, INCOSE 13 th Annual International Symposium Proceedings, Washington, DC, July 2003. (Mackey, W. et al., 2003)

    2. Long, J. and Mackey, W., “Systems Engineering Modeling Useful in Combating Terrorism”, INCOSE 13 th Annual International Symposium Proceedings, Washington , DC, July 2003. (Long and Mackey, 2003)

  • Three panels were presented at:

    1. The INCOSE 2002 Symposium in Las Vegas, NV“ The Role of Systems Engineering in Combating Terrorism”

    2. The INCOSE 2003 Symposium in Arlington, VA“ The Role of Systems Engineering in Combating Future Acts of Terrorism”

    3. The INCOSE 2004 Symposium in Toulouse, France
    4. The INCOSE 2005 Symposium in Rochester, NY
    5. The INCOSE 2006 Symposium in Orlando, FL
    6. The INCOSE 2007 Symposium in San Diego, CA

    “Recent Systems Development and Legal Efforts To Secure National Borders in the U.S., Europe, Israel, and Iraq”

  • INSIGHT Issue
    1. July 2006, “The Use of Systems Engineering in Emergency Preparedness”

Current Projects

  • Project 1 - Root Cause Analyses
    The ATIWG is conducting an analysis of the root causes of terrorism using the Ishikawa Fishbone Diagrams.
    The ATIWG is requesting a review of the initial results by the interested members of INCOSE.

  • Project 2 - Partnerships Creation
    The ATIWG is seeking partnerships with national government, state government, academic institutions who would accept support from a voluntary organization such as INCOSE.
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