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Strategic Initiatives

The International Council on Systems Engineering is focused on achieving the following strategic initiatives to advance the practice of systems engineering as well as raising the professional stature of systems engineers.  These strategic initiatives are intended to work together to advance the understanding and practice of systems engineering.  Their interrelationship is described below the descriptions of the individual initiatives.

Systems Engineering Vision
In leading the development of the Systems Engineering Vision, INCOSE released the Systems Engineering Vision 2025 in July 2014 to inspire and guide the direction of systems engineering across diverse stakeholder communities. This vision addresses the global context for systems engineering, the current state, and future state, as well as providing a high level roadmap for realizing the vision. The future state addresses how systems engineering will evolve in terms of its application areas, practices, theoretical foundations, roles and competencies, and education . This vision identifies the key capabilities required for the effective and competitive practice of systems engineering, describes INCOSE’s role to facilitate the development and realization of a broad-reaching roadmap across industry, government, and academia.

The SE Vision 2025 is currently available on the INCOSE website under the products page at

Systems Engineering Certification
In establishing a program for the certification of systems engineering professionals, INCOSE has created a robust program that will advance systems engineering as a recognized profession. A formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of systems engineers, systems engineering certification requires candidates to demonstrate competency in systems engineering background and skills. To maintain their certification, engineers must continually develop their skills and abilities throughout their lives.

The first certifications were awarded in January 2005. All systems engineering professions are encouraged to consider certification. More information on the certification program is available in the Certification section of the INCOSE website.

Systems Engineering Handbook v3
The Systems Engineering Handbook describes the key process activities performed by systems engineers. Version 3 of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook represents a shift in paradigm toward global industry application consistent with the Systems Engineering Vision. Developed for the new systems engineer, the engineer in another discipline who needs to perform systems engineering, as well as the experienced systems engineer who needs a convenient reference, the handbook provides an updated description of the key process activities performed by systems engineers.The Systems Engineering Handbook provides the continuing basis for certification.

Interrelationships of Strategic Initiatives
The initiatives described above have been chosen by the INCOSE Board of Directors because, taken together, they have significant potential to improve the ability of policy makers, engineers, managers and other stakeholders to understand and utilize systems engineering to improve outcomes. The outcomes which can be improved include:

·          Developing new systems and products more quickly, at lower costs

·          Refining planning and policy-making so results more closely match goals

·          Better matching products and services to stakeholder expectations and budgets

The Systems Engineering Vision provides a context for the use of systems engineering in the past, present and future, with an emphasis on the future challenges we face which are of especial interest from a systems engineering perspective. The Systems Engineering Handbook provides a summary overview of the processes useful in engineering systems, and how and why they are useful.  The INCOSE Product Asset Library provides additional information and resources to help practitioners apply systems engineering processes to meet the demands of projects.  Systems Engineering Certification provides a way for experienced practitioners of systems engineering to demonstrate significant mastery of systems engineering processes, and a way in which experienced and successful systems engineers can be recognized within industry.


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