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INCOSE believes strongly in working together with standards bodies, peer professional associations, and government organizations interested in raising the awareness of systems engineering and advancing the practice. The list shown here describes the various efforts that INCOSE has underway, provides a copy of the operating agreement and identifies the INCOSE point of contact.
PDF Icon AIAA Liaison Advisory (35k) August 2003
    Effort: Work together with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Systems Engineering Technical Committee
Representative: James R. van Gaasbeek
PDF Icon AP233 Liaison Advisory (18k) June 2003
    Effort: Work closely with the AP233 team to develop an international standard information model for systems engineering. AP233 provides the means to exchange data directly among systems engineering tools and engineering design tools. The standard is unlike any other associated with systems engineering. It is written in a rigorous and executable language for defining database schema. Representative: David W. Oliver
PDF Icon COSYSMO Liaison Advisory (46k) August 2003
    Effort: Establish and maintain a liaison between INCOSE with the University of Southern California Center for Software Engineering (USC CSE) supporting the development of a systems engineering cost modeling effort. COSYSMO is an acronym for COnstructive SYStem engineering cost MOdel. This member of the USC COCOMO II family of cost estimation models is being developed to estimate the system engineering costs. The COSYSMO development effort needs systems engineering experts to be successful.
Representatives: Chris Miller and Garry Roedler
PDF Icon GEIA Liaison Advisory (30k) June 2003
    Effort: Collaborate with the Government Electronic and Information Technology Association Systems, Standards & Technology Council (SSTC) and participate in the G-47 Systems Engineering Committee meetings
Representative: Rich Harwell
PDF Icon IEEE 1220 Liaison Advisory (12k) May 2003
    Effort: Advise on IEEE 1220 (Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process) harmonization with ISO/IEC 15288 (System Life Cycle Processes)
R7epresentative: Lori Pajerek
PDF Icon IEEE Voting Standards Liaison Advisory (39k) May 2003
    Effort: Collaborate with IEEE Project 1583 (Voting Equipment Standard), Project 1622 (Voting Equipment EDI Standard), and parent committee SCC 38 (Election System Engineering) to produce an authoritative technical resource (i.e., set of standards) to provide a systems engineering approach in validating election system processes and implementing hardware and software systems. This effort will include technical requirements for these systems, testability for validating and calibrating such systems, and providing recommendations for validating alternate election systems and approaches.
Representative: Gerald Bauknight
PDF Icon ISO-WG7 Liaison Advisory (14k) May 2003
    Effort: Support efforts of ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC7/WG7 in harmonization of IS15288 (System Life Cycle Processes) and IS12207 (Software Life Cycle Processes).
Representative: Kenneth V. Crowder
PDF Icon ISO-WG10 Liaison Advisory (14k) May 2003
    Effort: Support ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC7/WG10 revision of TR15504 (Process Capability Evaluation). The revision cycle for this Technical Report is expected to include expanding 15504 to contain portions (or all) of the ISO 15288 system life cycle and to more fully reflect accepted Systems Engineering processes.
Representative: Kenneth V. Crowder
PDF Icon NDIA Liaison Advisory (14k) July 2003
    Effort: Collaborate with the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)'s Systems Engineering Division, and co-sponsor their Annual Systems Engineering Conference.
Representative: Dinesh Verma
PDF Icon OMG Liaison Advisory (17k) May 2003
    Effort: Partner with Object Management Group (OMG) Systems Engineering Domain Special Interest Group (SE DSIG) in development of extensions to Unified Modeling Language for Systems Engineering, SysML. This effort has been worked in close coordination with the ISO AP-233 effort, which is focused on developing a systems engineering data interchange standard to support tool interoperability.
Representative: Sanford Friedenthal
PDF Icon PSSM Liaison Advisory (16k) June 2003
    Effort: Support the Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSM) Initiative in order to develop and maintain the integrated Practical Software and Systems Measurement (PSSM) product line.
Representative: Garry Roedler
PDF Icon STC Liaison Advisory (15k) May 2003
    Effort: Increase INCOSE participation and support the systems engineering focus of the DoD Software Technology Conference (STC), renamed in 2004 the Systems & Software Technology Conference (SSTC)
Representative: Lawrence D. Pohlmann
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Collaborative Agreements
PDF Icon AIAA / INCOSE Professional Working Agreement (45k) January 1997
    Purpose: To promote systems engineering and related professional areas that are of mutual interest and benefit to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronuatics (AIAA) and INCOSE.
PDF Icon CSIP / INCOSE Professional Working Agreement (30k) August 1999
    Purpose: This professional working agreement is intended to promote systems engineering and related professional areas that are of mutual interest and benefit to INCOSE and the Computer Resources (CR) Support Improvement Program (CSIP) and the Software Technology Support Center (STSC).
PDF Icon EIA / INCOSE Professional Working Agreement (17k) April 1996
    Purpose: To promote systems engineering and related professional areas that are of mutual interest and benefit to the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) Government Division and INCOSE.
PDF Icon Memorandum of Understanding between Defense Acquisition University and INCOSE (111k) January 2004
    Purpose: To formalize this ongoing relationship between the Defense Acquisition Univeristy (DAU) and INCOSE with the objective of continuing to support each other's efforts to leverage the best systems and software practices of government, corporate universities, other academic institutions, and business for world class training and education.
PDF Icon Skills and Knowledge Taxonomy Need (9k) June 1998
    Development of a Skill and Knowledge Taxonomy Aligned with Systems Engineering Capability Model, EIA-731
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