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Establishing a Student Division
What is a Student Division?

A Student Division is comprised of a group of systems engineering undergraduate or graduate students who wish to become actively involved in INCOSE while enrolled in an accredited systems engineering course of study at a college or university. Student Divisions are operated as a component of a nearby chartered INCOSE chapter. In order for a Student Division to be created, it requires 1) a student body interested in becoming involved with systems engineering/INCOSE, 2) a faculty member who is a member of INCOSE and willing to act as the Division mentor and liaison between INCOSE and the university, and 3) active sponsorship and participation by a chartered INCOSE chapter.

Why Establish a Student Division?

Students are the next generation of systems engineers and participation in INCOSE activities gives students an opportunity to gain exposure to current SE practices being used in the working world. It also gives them an opportunity to engage in career networking and mentoring opportunities. In addition, participation by Faculty provides them an opportunity to get more involved in INCOSE and local industry, and contribute to INCOSE's body of knowledge and practice. Student divisions offer an opportunity to forge relationships between industry, government, and academia .

What Issues Should Be Considered in Planning a Student Division?
  • Student Needs & Environment
    • Willingness to join INCOSE as student member and pay dues
    • Students willing to take leadership positions
    • Resources for extracurricular activities
  • University Requirements
    • Faculty member willing to mentor student leadership (INCOSE membership required)
    • Assist with ensuring operational framework is compatible with university policies; INCOSE registered with university governing bodies as needed
  • Sponsoring Chapter
    • Assign Representative liaison to Division
    • Commitment to provide recurring funding/other resources
    • Commitment to participate actively in Student Division operations
What is the Typical Operational Framework?

The Student organization is a Division of a sponsoring INCOSE Chapter rather than a separate INCOSE chapter.

  • Officers
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Executive Board
    • Student Officers
    • Sponsoring Faculty Advisor (INCOSE membership required)
    • Sponsoring Chapter Liaison (Possibly a Director on Chapter Board
  • Semi-autonomous organization
    • Governed within the Division; Executive Board oversight
    • Liaison with counterpart officials of sponsoring INCOSE chapter
    • Students organize and manage their own program (in conjunction with the Sponsoring Chapter Programs Chair)
    • Seeks independent sponsors (university and industry sources)
    • Sponsoring chapter maintains accountability on finances and membership, and general oversight over programs; maintains liaison with INCOSE HQ
  • Operates under a Student Division constitution and by-laws
    • Conformal with INCOSE constitution and by-laws (national and chapter)
    • Conformal with INCOSE policies
    • Conformal with university regulations and policies
What are Some Possible Student Division Activities?
  • Speakers Programs
    • Invited outside industry and government organizations
    • Augments curriculum seminars
    • Source of funding
  • Resume Book
  • Summer Internship Program
  • Creation of Annual SE Teaching Award
  • Support of SE Capstone Program
  • Socials
  • Faculty-Chapter-Student Division mixers
Student Divisions
Student Division Download Files

Guide to Developing INCOSE Student Division

Student Division By Law Template

INCOSE Engineering Challenge

INCOSE Student Division Brochure

Student Division Program Architecture

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