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The Fellows Selection Committee will be pleased to accept nominations for new INCOSE Fellows submitted by INCOSE members.

INCOSE Fellows are individuals with significant verifiable contributions to the art and practice of Systems Engineering in industry, government or academia. This award recognizes practitioners from government and industry applying knowledge and contributing to the practice of systems engineering in designing and acquiring systems, researchers developing new knowledge and advancing theory, and teachers disseminating knowledge and developing the next generation of successful systems engineers.

INCOSE Fellows are expected contribute to the goals of the Fellows as a body, and attend Fellows meetings at the annual  International Symposium and at the annual International Workshop.

Nomination packages will be accepted until 1 December each year. Final discussions by the INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee will be held at the INCOSE International Workshop scheduled for the following January. The committee will submit a list of recommended new Fellows to the INCOSE Board for their consideration and approval at or before their Spring meeting. New Fellows will be announced at the International Symposium in the summer.

The INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee is composed of a subset of the INCOSE Fellows Committee. Current selection committee

Nominators are asked to send their complete Fellows Nomination Packages (Nomination and Letters of Support) electronically to:

Holly Witte
INCOSE Fellows Committee

The following is the official INCOSE Fellows Award Policy

  1. Fellows are a special class of membership within INCOSE. Selection of Fellows shall be by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the Fellows Selection Committee. Membership in the Fellows class will not exceed one percent of the total membership. About six new Fellows will be selected each year until the maximum is reached. After that the maximum number selected each year will be approximately 0.1% of the total INCOSE membership.
  2. Fellow Award Eligibility
    Candidates must have been INCOSE members for a minimum of 5 years. Under exceptional circumstances, this can be waived by the Board of Directors.
  3. Fellow Award Criteria
    Fellow awards are based only upon significant verifiable contributions to the art and practice of Systems Engineering, and only upon evidence of same provided by their nominators in written form to the Fellows Selection Committee. It is recognized that systems engineers come from different domains, e.g.: industry, government and educational organizations. They also are engaged in different areas of practice, including, research, application and teaching. In some cases, national security or company policy inhibits accessibility of supporting materials. Therefore, varied verifiable evidence of contributions to the state of the art and practice are expected to be submitted.
  4. Nominators should identify their candidate's primary strength as that of either a practitioner (applies knowledge), or a researcher (develops new knowledge), or a teacher (imparts knowledge to others). For a practitioner, the criteria are satisfied by providing evidence about programs that he/she has personally led and/or advanced by means of significant application of the systems engineering art. This evidence should be supported by publications -- ideally in refereed journals or conferences where possible -- or other suitable means.
  5. For a researcher, the criteria are satisfied by providing evidence about research personally conducted or advanced as a consequence of the researcher's effort. This evidence should be supported by patents, patent applications, books authored and those to which contributions have been made, and publications in refereed journals or conferences. For teachers, evidence is provided by advances made in the state of the art in systems engineering education such as new books, courses, curricula and refereed publications.
  6. Some nominators may wish to submit their candidates for consideration in more than one category. In this case, evidence must be provided as above for every applicable area..
  7. Fellow Award Process
    Each candidate will have a nominator other than him- or herself. The nominator will provide a package to The Fellows Selection Committee that will consist of the following:
      For the upcoming vote for new members of the Fellows Selection Committee, the candidates are requested to write a no-more than 500 word paper addressing: 1) Their professional SE experience and background, including current and prior positions held, 2) the reasons why they are running for office, 3) what contributions they have made to INCOSE at the international and local level
    • Nomination Guidelines:
      Guidance for Preparing an Effective Fellow Nomination Submission should use the FellowsguidanceForm.
    • Candidate Profile:
      • Name of Candidate
      • e-Mail Address
      • Year of Birth
      • Primary Contribution
      • Secondary Contributions (if applicable)
      • Citation (to be used on certificate)
      • Educational Background
      • Professional History (Employer, Years of Employment, Duties, Accomplishments)
      • Accomplishments vs. Fellows Criteria
    • Letters of Support
      Letters of Support must be provided by at least three (preferably 5) people recommended by the nominator. All letters must be from active members of INCOSE, and at least one letter should be, if possible, from one of the current INCOSE Fellows. Those writing letters of support should have the candidate's resume available to them, but each letter of support should be independently written. There should be no more than two letters of support from the candidate’s own immediate organization. Nominators should provide selected (no more than five) papers as part of the nomination package for nominees whose papers are published in obscure journals, if the nominee’s papers are an important criterion for Fellow selection. (The intent is to provide papers for those candidates whose papers were published in obscure journals where the authorship of papers is presented by the nominator as a qualification for selection of the nominated Fellow; not to require the authorship of new papers).

      Letters of Support should use the standard form. Completed Letters of Support will be returned to the nominator of the candidate for inclusion in the Nomination package e-mailed directly to Holly Witte, INCOSE Fellows Committee, and must be received on or before December 1st.
    • List of Supporters
      The nominator will contact supporters directly to have them write letters of support. The nominator will submit a list of up to five people who have been asked to submit letters of support for the nominee. This list should be provided in the nomination package along with the letters of support.
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