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Bylaws of the INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee

Approved by the INCOSE Fellows 7 March 2003

The Committee
A quorum of the the INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee is 25% of the committee members.

The INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee is composed of nine active INCOSE fellows. Normally, each year three fellows will be elected to serve on this committee. They will serve three year terms. Each term of office shall start on December 1st. Committee members may serve at most two consecutive terms (i.e. six years). This term limit does not apply to the Chair of the committee: however, the Chair of the committee may serve at most six consecutive years as Chair. Obligations of committee members are to discuss committee activities via e-mail and paper mail and attend two meetings per year: one at the Symposium and one at the Workshop. If a committee member cannot attend a meeting or continue his or her term, he or she should ask another fellow to substitute.

The Chair of the committee will conduct the election of committee members. He or she will solicit non anonymous votes from all INCOSE fellows by e-mail after the Symposium. Approval voting will be used with 3-2-1 weighting. (i.e. all fellows who are willing to serve are listed and each fellow gives each candidate either 3, 2, 1, or 0 points.) The Chair will tally the points and send the results to all fellows around September. Other voting details will be decided by the Chair.

After the new INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee members have been elected, the Chair shall appoint one of the members as Co-chair for that year.

In June or July before the old Chair's term expires, the old Chair should ask all the fellows if they would be willing to stand for election as Chair for the next three years. Then he or she should conduct an election with all the fellows voting for a Chair to serve for the next three years. Then the fellows should elect the other two or three members of the committee. This means that we might not elect exactly three new committee members each year. The fellows nominations and letters of support will go to the old Chair, who will accept, validate, offer advice, reaccept, assemble and distribute the information and (in conjunction with the new Chair) run the meeting at the workshop.

Election of new Fellows
Nominations may be made by any INCOSE members including INCOSE fellows, and letters of support may also be written by any INCOSE members. Instructions for nomination packages and letters of support are published in the summer issue of INSIGHT. Nominators must provide name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and a 100 word synopsis of their candidate's qualifications. There is no special form for nominations. It would help if (1) the nominator were from a different organization than the candidate, (2) the nominator included a brief resume of the nominator, (3) the five supporters were from diverse organizations, (4) at least one supporter were an INCOSE fellow, and (5) one supporter were a member of the INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee.

Nominators should provide selected (no more than five) papers to the Fellows Selection Committee (submittal to be electronic if possible). (The intent is to provide papers for those candidates whose papers were published in obscure journals where the authorship of papers is presented by the nominator as a qualification for selection of the nominated Fellow; not to require the authorship of new papers).
There should be no more than two letters of support from the candidate's own immediate organization.

The election of each new fellow requires that two-thirds of the committee members present vote in the affirmative. If two-thirds produces a fraction, then round to the nearest integer to determine the required threshold. If a fellow has a potential conflict of interest, that fellow should excuse him or herself during the voting.

Number of Fellows
The number of INCOSE fellows shall not exceed 1% of the active INCOSE membership, unless the society does not continue to grow, in which case one new fellow per year may be elected. Emeritus fellows who do not pay their INCOSE dues are not included in this cap.

The minutes of our meetings should not be made public. They will only be given to the INCOSE President and to the INCOSE fellows. They are not secret, but they are private. As long as confidentiality is protected, INCOSE fellows may disclose individual discussion items, except for discussions and individual votes on candidate fellows.

Transmittal of Recommendations
After the meeting of the INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee in January or February and before the INCOSE Board meeting in March or April, the Chair of the INCOSE Fellows Selection Committee will send a letter to the INCOSE President with the names of the fellow candidates, their proposed citations and a 100 word synopsis of each candidate. A copy of the letter will go to the INCOSE Administrative Executive and any fellows who will be at the Board meeting so that they can answer questions about our candidates. After the INCOSE President has notified the successful candidates, the Chair shall notify the nominators of the unsuccessful candidates, giving no details about the discussion or the votes.

Web Site
The INCOSE fellows web site is at

Fellows Expertise Group
The Fellows Expertise Group provides a pool of volunteers drawn from the INCOSE Fellows to be offered by and at the discretion of the INCOSE President to support Vital Issues of National or International Interest such as investigation of disasters (e.g. the space shuttle, collapse of the twin towers on 9/11/02, etc.) and opportunity reviews (e.g. counter terrorism, Internet III, etc.) with a recognized sponsor (e.g. NASA). If interested, the sponsor contacts individual members of the Expertise Group based on their resumes they have submitted to the INCOSE President who provided them to the sponsor. The sponsor and the contacted fellow make their own arrangements governing the fellow's use by the sponsor.

Changes to these bylaws shall require approval by two-thirds of the INCOSE fellows. It was last changed in August 2005.

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